RIRU North Sulawesi

North Sulawesi Center of Investment and Trade

Regional Investment Relations Unit (RIRU) of the North Sulawesi Province has been established in cooperation between Local Government of North Sulawesi and Bank Indonesia Regional Office of North Sulawesi since 2015. The main objective of RIRU is to manage the positive perception from related stakeholders toward region, while the main function of RIRU is to promote and communicate potential investment in the North Sulawesi region.

North Sulawesi's thriving economy and favorable investment environment make it an ideal destination for investors looking for profitavle opportunities

Olly Dondokambey, Governor of North Sulawesi

Why North Sulawesi?

North Sulawesi has strategic competitiveness, directly facing East Asia and the Pacific area. Its position within the world trade access which is going to be the center of economic growth among East Asia (China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and ASEAN including Pacific).

North Sulawesi’s geo-position creates distinguished competitiveness in providing access to East Asia and the Pacific market beyond comparison to other provinces in Indonesia.

With Bitung International Seaport in hand, North Sulawesi will be the most appealing area in Eastern Indonesia.

Area total
13,892.74 km2
GDP total
US$ 10.6 billion
GDP per capita
US$ 3,976

Investment Opportunities

Find projects ready to offer and potential projects in North Sulawesi

Projects ready to offer
Special Economic Zone
Special Economic Zone
Special Economic Zone
Potential Projects
North Bolaang Mongondow

Procedures & Regulations

North Sulawesi government committed to create a conducive investment climate along with ease of doing business through deregulation and economic policy.

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